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Marine Science chooses Saab Seaeye Hydro – May 2018

New Hydro-Lek fittings offer compact connectivity and universal connectivity – March 2016

Hydro-Lek business facilities move to Fareham Hampshire – February 2016

Saab Seaeye Consolidate Hydro-Lek – January 2016

Higher stock levels and new Repair Service announced by Hydro-Lek – May 2015

New 7-way Valve Pack from Hydro-Lek offers greater reliability and flexibility – May 2015

Hydro-Lek manipulators are first choice for Triton customers – April 2015

Hydro-Lek - One Year On – February 2015

Hydro-Lek delivers new future-proofed power packs to James Fisher Nuclear – January 2015

Versatility of Hydro-Lek manipulators demonstrated by JIFMAR Offshore Services – November 2014

Hydro-Lek manipulators used on Ageotec ROV for Italian Navy – September 2014

Hydro-Lek wins order for multiple 4 and 6 function manipulators for manned submersibles – June 2014

Saab Seaeye Buys Hydro-Lek – Sept 2013

Surveyor, Sampler for Deep Ocean Operations – April 2013

HyBIS Robotic Underwater Vehicle deployed to accurately position Ocean Bottom Seismometers – April 2013

Hydro-Lek's HyBIS deep ocean sampling and observation system used for gas hydrate sampling in the Arctic. – May 2012

Hydro-Lek Senior Management Team – Nov 2012

Chris Lokuciewski Obituary – Oct 2012

Hydro-Lek Manipulator used to recover black boxes from Air France Flight 447 – Jul 2011

Outreach newsletter – Jan 2012.

Hydro-Lek's lightweight contamination-resistant manipulator to pick up nuclear waste – Nov 2011

Outreach newsletter – Winter 2010/11.

New compact aluminium cylinders from Hydro-Lek offer cost savings and fast delivery. – Oct 2010

HyBIS deep-ocean sampling/observation system. – Apr 2010

Outreach newsletter – Spring 2010

New work class manipulators from Hydro-Lek. – Mar 2010