Power Packs


HLK-91000 - 48V DC Power Pack

The HLK-91000 Power Pack has been designed to fit on the new range of small ROV's. It can deliver 0.3Litres per minute at 210 BAR for an electrical input of 24 or 48 Volts DC at 300 Watts. The Power Pack is only 63mm high; it has a footprint of 223 x 110mm and weights 2.5Kg in water.


HLK-91100 - Low Voltage DC Power Pack

The HLK 91100 Power Pack is a low voltage DC operated, medium flow power pack which incorporates a pressure regulator in the manifold. The manifold is used to mount the gear pump and hydraulic reservoir, high pressure shaft seal and electric motor/gear drive set.


HLK-90250 - 250V AC/DC Power Pack

A medium pressure low flow hydraulic power unit incorporating a pressure regulator in the manifold.


HLK-90130 - 3-phase 0.75KW Power Pack

The HLK-90130 Power pack is a three phase powered unit which can be supplied for operation on either 440 or 660 Volts. The motor is fitted within an oil-filled, pressure compensated housing, which is separate to the pump and reservoir. The pump has an oil filter fitted to prevent contamination from being circulated through the hydraulic system.


HLK-90100 - 3-phase 2.2KW Power Pack

The HLK-90100S Power Pack is a 3-phase power pack, based on dual pump version, with only one pump fitted.


HLK-90150 - 3-phase 4.5KW Power Pack

The HLK-90150 Power Pack is a 3-phase 4.5KW hydraulic power pack. It can be supplied with various voltage motors, typically 440 or 660V.

The motor housing is compensated separately from the hydraulic pump to lessen the possibility of water contamination.