Rotary Disc Cutters


HLK-33600 - 4" Disk Cutter

The Hydro-Lek 4" cutter can be operated directly from a work class hydraulic supply or from a system comprising of the HLK-90200 and 9200 Power packs or HLK-90100 Dual Power Pack, HLK-7020 Valve Pack or HLK-72100 and control system. The cutter jaws grab the hose or cable to be cut and then a rotating disc is fed onto the job to be cut. The grip is so strong that even in zero visibility and locked on, a perfect cut can be easily achieved. Weight 12Kg in water.


HLK-33625 - 6" Disk Cutter

The HLK 33625 6" Cutter is a self-contained grab, feed and cut unit, which for a weight of only 14kg can cut pipe, cable or grout hose. This is a significant weight reduction on standard anvil cutters. It can be controlled using standard Hydro-Lek systems or directly from a work class ROV.