Pan & Tilts


HLK-2100 - Mini Pan & Tilt

The HLK-2100 Mini Pan & Tilt is a very light weight, compact unit designed to satisfy the need for miniature cameras used on Tooling Skids, ROV's and Tether Management Systems. Constructed from 316 SS and HE 30 Aluminium. Pan 180° Tilt 90° . Weight 1.3 Kg in water.


HLK-2150 - Pan & Tilt

This unit has become the industry standard for many hydraulic ROV's in service today. It has the smallest arc of pan of any work class unit on the market. Constructed from 316 SS and HE 30 Aluminium, incorporating a hydraulic slip ring assembly, enables all the plumbing to be kept rigid eliminating moving hoses. Pan 360° Tilt 120° . Weight 3.3 Kg in water


HLK-2010C - Camera Conversion Kit

The HLK-2010 can readily be converted to a camera platform for fitting to any HLK manipulator. This conversion can be carried out on site without any change of hydraulic hoses. As with the jaw assemblies, the standard finish position of the camera pan platform is adjustable on the clamp mount. Weight 3 Kg in water./p>